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Strategic & Business Overview

Our objective is to create high quality yet attainable and appropriately priced dedicated living communities that provide social and economic value to all of their stakeholders. The company’s multiple business activities are carried out by each of its respective wholly owned business subsidiaries and supported by their global alliances and partners.

SHG adds value to its projects at any point from start to finish by providing professional end to end services (concept to commission)

SHG seeks out opportunities by identifying locations where an evident shortfall on the market is recognised. Our strong network provides the firm access to information that leads to the creation of rewarding deals that may vary in requirement and would be subject to population, demographics, and psychographics. In some cases, existing properties may be acquired and modified to suit the demand and in other cases, new purpose-built living complexes are developed for multi-residents.

About Asset Living

Asset Living is the largest student housing company in the United States with over 160,000 student beds under management and over 40 years of experience.

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